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Meet the LACES Team

Avatar representing Julie Smith
Julie Smith

The Head Teacher

Julie Smith is the Headteacher of the Virtual School.

She has to make sure that everyone in the Council and your school work hard to support you with your education. She also makes many of the big decisions about the work that the Virtual School and LACES do.

Julie manages the LACES Team. She works with them, other people in the Council and schools to keep track of children’s progress and make sure children in care are getting the best education possible.

She also keeps an eye on the progress of young people in Year 11

Avatar-team members
Sue Holmes and Sue Williams

The Teachers

Sue Holmes and Sue Williams, the Teachers in LACES, keep an eye on the progress of children in years 5 to 10 (Sue H) and Reception to Year 4 (Sue W).

They read all of the information that is recorded at your PEP Meetings.

If you're not making good progress, they will want to know why and what is being done to help you. This could involve:

  • coming to you PEP meetings, and/or

  • talking to your teachers, social workers, yourself or anyone else who knows you. 

This is to make sure that you get all the help you need to do better.

Avatar - team members2
Yvonne O'Neil and Shirley Ochi

Attendance, Welfare and Education OfficerYvonne O’Neill gets involved if children and young people are not attending school regularly, or haven’t got a school place.

She can help you, your school or social worker to find a solution when it feels like everything is going wrong.


Education Support Officer

Shirley Ochi helps to make sure that children and young people in care have the right technology on hand to support their education.

This might be about

  • having the internet at home,

  • the programmes or apps that you need on your laptop or computer, or

  • being safe when online.

She also goes to some PEP Meetings and can speak to the people around you if there are any worries about your progress.

This web site is kept up to date by Shirley so if you have any ideas about how we can make it better you can get in touch with her or complete our online feedback form. 

Avatar- team member3
Chris Noble

Connexions PA

Chris Noble works for the Connexions Team and a big part of her job is to support young people who are looked after. She can help you with your future plans for education, training and careers. Read More...

Avatars - team members4
Helen Neate and Kirsty Haywood
The Administration Team

Helen Neate and Kirsty Haywood work hard in the background to make sure that everyone who supports the education of looked after children and young people has the information they need to do their jobs.

If you ring LACES they may answer the phone. They have a very good idea of what everyone does so, if you have a question and don’t know who to ask for, just ask for Helen or Kirsty and they will be able to help you.