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Supporting Children and Young People with Transitions

Children will experience transitions or times of change in many situations and their reactions can vary enormously.  However many looked after children find transitions particularly difficult and reducing theses difficulties, by even a small amount, can make a big difference to these children.

The types of transitions that children and young people can face in the educational setting can range from having a new teacher to starting a new school, class or year group, and changing friendships.

The following links and resources will help you to support children and young people as they experience change.

All Ages

A comprehensive range of advice and resources are available from Young Minds, the voice for children's mental health and well being

Early Years and Primary

Advice and Guidance from the Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years (PACEY)

Starting Primary School by Early Lives

Preparing your child for school by Childcare UK

Secondary School and Beyond

Secondary School: how parents can help make the transition easier - The Guardian, August 2010

TopMarks Guide to start secondary School

Advice and guidance on transitions into adult life for young people with learning disabilities by Mencap