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IEPs, IBPs, IPMs, EHCPs .... what do they all mean?

Clipboard - My Plans

If you have special educational needs or a disability your school will have a plan, just for you, which explains what you have achieved and how they expect you to make progress.

Your school may call this an IEP or IPM or IBP or something else.

Whatever it's called, your school will use your plan to:

  • set your targets, 

  • give you any extra help you need, and

  • make sure you are on track.

What do all those letters mean?

IEP = Individual Education Plan

IPM = Individual Provision Map

IBP = Individual Behaviour Plan

SEND = Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

You could also have an EHCP or Education, Health and Care Plan which describes what you need help with and how you could get that help.



I was a SEN child and now, with the support, I am not any more .

Holly, 14