Education 4 Me

There are many ways of improving your chances of success. Extra help from the right person, a special piece of equipment and taking part in different activities are just some of the ways to boost your confidence and raise your grades.

This section highlights some of the things which could make a difference for you.


Your PEP is the time when anything you need to make better progress with your education is talked about.

The Pupil Premium for Looked After Children (Ages 4-16)

The Pupil Premium is extra money from the Government to help you make progress at school.

Further Education and training - age 16-19

At 16 you have choices to make about your future. Find out more about the support you can get to make those choices.

Higher Education (University)

Many looked after children go on to Higher Education including University. Find out more about what's involved, how to apply and the support you can get.

Jobs and Careers

Need help with making future career plans?
Useful links and more...

Homework, Revision and Study Skills

You will learn lots of new facts and skills at school. Homework and coursework help you to practise these skills and make the facts stay in your head. So homework can really help you to raise your grades.

Get hints, tips and links to support you with your learning and homework.

Extra activities

Education isn’t just about school, college or university!
You learn important skills when taking part in all sorts of activities in and out of school. They are also a way of building your confidence and making new friends. Here are just a few of the things that you could take part in.