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Do I have to go to my PEP meetings?

Your PEP is very important because it's the time when everyone can discuss and agree on what you need to help you achieve. It's also your chance to have your say about your education - to talk about the things that you do well and anything that you need help with.

We understand if you find PEP meetings difficult or boring. Ask your teacher if you can come for just part of the meeting so that you still have a chance to give your views.

If you have ideas about how we can make PEPs work better for you please let us know!

Who can I go to if I've got a problem at school?

Every school has a teacher, called the designated teacher, whose job is to keep an eye on and make sure all the children in care in their school are happy and making progress. Learn more....

However, if there is another teacher who you get on really well with, you can talk to them if you prefer. They may need to speak with the designated teacher to sort out your problem or they may be able to help you themselves.

If you have spoken to someone at school and the problem isn't sorted out then please tell your carer or social worker or contact LACES directly.