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We think technology and the Internet is a brilliant resource for learning and we want every looked after child to be able to make the best use of it safely.

We know your school, social workers and carers or parents have already talked to you about e-safety so here's a reminder of some of the basic rules and guidelines ... 

Think Before You Post

  • Always follow the rules that you agree with your parents or carers and social worker
  • Tell someone if anything upsets or worries you
  • Think before you post online or send from a mobile phone
  • Treat your passwords like your toothbrush – keep them to yourself!
  • If you’re not sure about anything you come across online always talk to a trusted adult – better be safe than sorry

Get the Adults involved....

Discuss with your carers how you can keep yourself safe when on the internet.

We recommend that you have a written agreement with them about this - if your carers or you want to change the rules you can discuss them and update them at any time. Your social worker needs to be involved as well.